Ways to Foster Your Relationship with Repeat Customers

Relationship with Repeat Customers

In this very busy world, most entrepreneurs and sales professionals forget the essential features of our being that makes us human. We often drown ourselves in many business obligations that we forget that the customers we are serving are humans just like us who need socialisation.

Just like in any human interaction, the relationship between entrepreneurs and customers should be preserved and nourished whenever possible. As such you need to make sure you provide ample time and effort to ensure that they will continue to benefit from your business.

Here are some ways to maintain the human aspect in your relationship with your customers and even stakeholders:

Tell them how special they are to your business – How often do you tell your customers their contribution to your company? If not, then do it at once. Express your appreciation to them whether in casual speech or formal email, chat, text or letter. But make sure you show your sincerity in doing this. Some people can sense insincerity in your messages.

Give your loyal customers a treat – Invite your key clients to a lunch or dinner. You can do this by reserving one of the poshest small function rooms. This gesture will tell them that they are special to your business. This can also give you a chance to know your customers better as acquaintances or even as friends and, who knows, potential business partners in the future.

Write traditional handwritten notes frequently – In building relationships, old-school messaging is way better than those sent digitally. You can give them these simple notes along with the receipt or statement of accounts when they make another order or purchase. This small motion will make the impression that you care for them not only in your business pursuits.

Remember their special occasions – You don’t need to spend too much on fostering your business relationship. In some cases, a simple greeting on the special dates in their lives can bring a big difference. Send them handwritten birthday cards, anniversary cards, and holiday cards. Much better, if you find rooms available for birthday functions for their children to celebrate it happier.

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