Vape Flavor: New Juices to Try

Vape Flavor

The vaping community is crazy about new juices that come out on the market. These people want to try new and exciting flavours that can tickle their taste buds. This is great for individuals who want a little action in their vapour. If you are one of these people, make sure to try out these vape flavor NZ today:

  • Liqua Elements Bright Tobacco

Newbies would definitely appreciate the strong, clean taste of this flavour. In fact, for smokers who have recently made the switch to vaping, this would certainly feel almost the same. The taste of Virginia tobacco combined with a woodsy spice is reminiscent of traditional cigarette smoking, making it the perfect choice for beginners.

  • Get Hooked Brain Sturgeon

If you’re wondering what nectar of the gods smelled and tasted like, look no more. This flavour is jampacked with sweet fruits ready to make you swoon. With nectarine as its main base, the addition of peach, jackfruit and other sweet-smelling fruits make this a concoction to behold. Try this juice to experience what it feels like to be enveloped in liquid gold.

  • Vapoureyes The Turk

If you are familiar with the Chronicles of Narnia, you would know that this delicacy is a favourite of the headstrong Edmund Pevensie. This confection is made from starch and sugar, with the addition of dates, pistachios and other trimmings. For this flavour, jelly is laced with a splash of rosewater and a handful of exotic berries, making it the best choice for people who wants a light, yet sweet option. Trying this would be like eating a dessert, without all the extra calories, of course.

  • Taffy King Cotton Candy

As kids, you may have indulged yourself in a piece of taffy. After all, this type of candy is known for its chewy exterior and its ultra-sweet taste. Infused with cotton candy flavour, this type of juice will surely bring you back to your childhood. Indulge a little and let this transport you to a carnival where you are free to eat all the cotton candy and taffy you like.

Vaping NZ offers a comprehensive selection of vape flavor NZ. If you want to see more of their collections, make sure to visit their website today.

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