Types of Line Marking Services

Line Marking Services

Most people have the misconception that line marking services are the same. The concept seems pretty straightforward: You line the parking, unloading and loading areas. What most don’t realise is that there are so many types of markings, all with different specifications.

Why Do We Need It?

Clearly marked parking spaces have more than one benefit. Most people are surprised to know that they’re not there purely for decorative purposes. A few of their uses are:

1. Saving parking space – Letting people park wherever they want is never a good idea. Lining the spaces ensures that the area is optimised. This means that the entire space can fit the most amount of cars, without it being too crowded.
2. Limits cars in a parking area – Although most business owners want to optimise their parking spaces to fit in as many cars as possible, they’re also aware that they shouldn’t overload the area. There needs to be ample space for the parked vehicles to back up.
3. Safety – Industrial settings need clearly marked loading and unloading areas. This not only makes shipments more efficient – it also keeps workers safe from accidents.

Shopping Centres

If you observe a parking space from a shopping centre and compare it to regular parking, you’ll find that the spaces are much wider. Line marking services are different from malls. These areas encounter heavy traffic. This means that cars need more space to move around, whilst also having more parking slots to offer.

Sports Courts

Every type of sport requires a different kind of court. The same goes for their lining. Regulations can change depending on the size of the court. There are standard measurements for each and every court. Clearly marked lines are essential to scoring and playing. These lines need to be durable as well.

There are many different types of line marking services available. All of them have vastly different applications. It’s not uncommon to use a different type of paint for every situation. These marks optimise our parking and playing experience. To take advantage of professional lining services, contact Group One Line Marking today.

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