The Pros And Cons Of The Two Types Of Deep Fryers

Types Of Deep Fryers

There are two main types of deep fryers used for both commercial and domestic use, one is electric deep fryer and the other is propane. To know the differences between the two, read these facts:

Electric deep fryer

This is one of the most common types you’ll see as it’s often used by companies and residents all over the country. Here are some facts you’ll need to consider before purchasing this type:


• It’s a lot safer than propane.
• It can be used indoors.
• You can find affordable electric deep fryers, thus perfect for people who are not planning to spend much for this item.
• There are smaller sizes of electric deep fryers, thus best to use for domestic purposes.

Important factors to consider

• Some professionals claim that they do not see effective results from electric compared to propane. Yes, it can fry food but the result is not as satisfying like the results produced by its counterpart.
• There are larger sizes available, but unfortunately, they come costly.
• The smell will stay behind inside, thus giving your home an unpleasant odour.

Propane deep fryers

This is commonly used by chefs.


• Foods fried in propane is said to be crispier and a whole lot tastier compared to its other counterparts.
• Oil in this type easily heats up, thus giving you a shorter time of cooking it.
Important factors to consider
• If you’re not too careful in using this appliance, it can cause a fire.
• This is only applicable and recommended to use outdoors, thus it isn’t for everyone.

Once you become familiar with the pros and cons of each item, you can decide which one’s best for you to use. When you do, buy from a reputable deep fryer seller so you’ll get a durable product.

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