Top 2 Wreck Dives in Coron

Wreck Dive

There are a lot of wreck dives in Coron. The municipality is located in Palawan, Philippines. It’s known for its rich coral reefs and marine life. This is why it’s become a popular tourist destination for divers everywhere. If you’re planning to visit the island, here are two diving spots you shouldn’t miss.

But before you take a deep dive…


Before visiting wrecks in the island, it’s important that you have the proper qualifications. Some areas are more advanced and require higher certification. It’s always best to go with experienced divers. Sangat can help you prepare for wreck dives in Coron. Call +63 (917) 650-9191 or +63 (908) 896-1716 to reserve a booking!


Akitsushima is also known as the Flying Boat Tender. It’s one of the deepest artifacts you’ll see in the area. Don’t be fooled: it’s not the actual wreckage of the ship. In fact, the actual boat was never found. Instead, you’ll see part of its huge crane. With most of the structure buried in the sand, you’ll only see about 38 meters of its tip sticking out.

Because it’s been underwater for so long, its now home to a number of marine life. You’ll see barracudas, groupers, yellowfins, snappers, batfish and tuna in the vicinity. The site isn’t recommended for beginners, as the structure is located in deep parts of the ocean. It’s best for people who are trained in open diving.


The wreckage site at Tangat is highly recommended for both beginners and experienced divers. At shallow depths, you’ll see a lot of anemones. There’s a mixture of hard corals, sponges and soft corals. Because the currents are very light, it’s one of the best places to visit if you’re training for more advanced wreckages.

The structure itself is a boat. There’s not a lot of information is known about the ship itself, except that it was owned by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The bow sits at 3 meters in depth, whilst the stern lies at 18 meters. You won’t find a lot of marine life inside, but there’s plenty to see in the reefs around the area.



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