Tips on How to Make Your Website Look Attractive and Marketable

Website Look Attractive and Marketable

Just like any forms of art, website designing is a craft that can only be made by top creative web designers. But unlike other traditional forms of art, designing a website has its special requirements. Aside from being a piece of artwork, websites are also marketing tools that can promote and sell products.

To make it look stunning and marketable at the same time, here are some tips:

Select the ideal colours – Aside from matching the colour scheme of your corporation, you should also need to use the right hues that can attract your visitors and customers to buy or subscribe. If you’re just operating a startup and are just developing your first business website as well as logo and branding artworks, you need the help of professional web designers. In the psychology of colours, both men and women want blue and green. Blue is often linked to building and maintaining trust whilst green is usually used for natural and outdoor products.

Mobile-responsive design – Many people nowadays browse websites using their smartphones. As such you need to customise your site in such a way that it can be easily accessed on mobile devices.

Use fonts that are readable – The text is the main content of any website. No website can function well without it. As such you need fonts that are can be read easily. You should choose the ones that are pleasing to the eyes on computer monitors, smartphones and other screens. The typography of is crucial to your marketing endeavours. Experts recommend sans serif fonts such as Arial, Calibri and Helvetica.

Use high-quality photos – Photographs are visual representations of your products. You should then use only the most enticing photos for your site. Of course, nobody wants to use images that can ruin your reputation. So, make sure you buy photos that are captured by professional photographers, not just those downloaded from sites that offer free online stock photos.

Add videos – Young web users love to use videos instead of reading long text. To capture this category, you need to include audio and video content. This saves them time to read long articles. Some web designers also provide video creation and editing to their clients.

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