How to Study an RSA Course

RSA course is necessary for servers and bartenders and anyone who deals with the purchase of alcohol that’s consumable within the premises of the establishment. It’s also known as the Responsible Service of Alcohol program. If you’re thinking of enrolling, here’s how.

  • Why is it needed?

Apart from being mandatory, it’s a useful program to study as it gives you valuable knowledge on serving alcohol. For bartenders, it allows you to define industry standards for drinks. You can differentiate how strong various liquors are. This allows you to gauge how inebriating each drink can be.

It also includes a physiological and mental explanation of how alcohol affects people. You’ll be able to better predict how it will affect people of different weights and constitutions. As a result, you can prevent intoxication and overconsumption for clients.

In any establishment that serves alcohol, intoxication is inevitable. Because it is a mood-altering substance, it’s not uncommon to see difficult patrons. This program gives students the skills to deal with intoxicated customers properly. It also teaches them when and how to refuse sales to minors.

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  • Who needs it?

Those who serve alcohol directly are required to take this program. Managers in establishments that serve alcoholic drinks also need this course. This lets them know when standard practices are being observed. Those who aspire to give out this type of training will also need to complete the program.

  • Are you qualified?

Only individuals over 18 years old are allowed to take the course. In Australia, this is the minimum age requirement for the sale, consumption and service of alcohol. In addition, you’ll need to prepare a fee. Most classes will set you back $100-$150.

  • Online or classroom-based?

This course can be completed within 6.5 hours – it’s a same-day certificate program! Traditional learning is available, for those who want a classroom-based setup. However, online platforms are also an option. After successfully completing the program, students will get a certification for SITHFAB002. They will also get a certified Photo ID and a Statutory Declaration form.

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