What You Need to Know about Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings

Using folding arm awnings is a great way to shade and keep outdoor areas without the need of erecting a permanent structure. These structures can work as a retractable roof and can be as wide as 5- to 25-metres wide.

How does it work?

A fully closed, half-closed or open-style cassette containing the whole awning and all fitting is either fastened in the eaves near the end of the gutter. The awning can also be mounted against the wall. This awning type can also be opened using a remote control or turning the crank handle.

Their arms will slide along a pathway at the facade of the blind as it opens. The distance differs when the blind is opened and when it is closed, primarily because of the controlling arm and the hinge that controls the awning. The width will decide how many arms are required, but the minimum is two.


The angle of the slope can be customised according to your requirements. For instance, if the people using it are taller, the pitch can be narrowed to let the people pass it safely. But, unfortunately, the steeper the slope, the lesser its capacity to protect structures from the rain.

Folding arm awnings can be damaged quickly by strong winds. So, they should be retracted immediately when the wind starts to strengthen is not an issue at all.

Questions to ask suppliers

With the many available folding arm awnings to choose from, choosing which one to suit you may not be an easy task to do. So, you should ask suppliers questions such as:

  • Do they have a model that has a wind sensor?
  • What is the safest distance when extending the awning?
  • What is the rating of the ultraviolet on the fabric?

Make sure that you are buying the right one to maximise the money you spend on it.

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