Must-See Features in Your Security Doors

Security Doors

In this world filled with crime and violence, you need to install screen doors for your protection. You’ll never know when a burglar attempts to break in your house or when a terrorist suddenly attacks. To be safe, you need to fortify your home with a sturdy line of defence. Putting up security doors, especially at the front portion of your home, is one way to keep your home safe.

But to make sure you get absolute protection, you need to buy quality security doors, not just inferior ones. Don’t be fooled by the enticing sales pitches of agents. Find out for yourself if the model you are buying is of top-notch quality by checking if they have the following features:

  • Made of high-grade steel or aluminium

While both can give excellent protection, they have different uses. For better security, it is better to install a steel-made model. But if you’re more concerned with the aesthetics of your home, choose aluminium. Just make sure the materials pass the ISO standards.

  • Rust- and corrosion-proof

Some steel and even aluminium are prone to corrosion after years of use. You need to find out if the security doors are galvanised and have undergone powder coating. These processes provide them added protection against rust and deterioration. Of course, you should clean and maintain your doors regularly to make them last.

  • Install quality locks and handles

The strength of the door is useless if its lock can easily be opened. Hence, you need to find out if the locks that manufacturers use are durable. If you are not sure of its quality, replace it with sturdy ones.

  • Sturdy hinges

Make sure you are using butt hinges used for security doors and not timber ones. Also, make sure that it is properly screwed and mounted. To be sure, you may need to hire professionals for proper installation.

For your peace of mind, you need to invest in things that can protect your home, such as top-grade security doors.

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