What You Need to Know About a Leaking Shower

Leaking Shower

Without a doubt, leaking shower is one of the most common issues in the plumbing system. Whilst some people opt to replace the whole unit, plumbers can just fix and clean it to get rid of the dirt or debris. There are ways which can help you fix this problem, but first, find out about its cause.

Building movement

Natural calamities such as storm and building subsidence cause leaking shower. Wet areas like laundry and bathroom often experience surface defects due to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to call the plumbers after a big storm. This can help them assess the status of the water lines and bathroom fixtures.

Tip: If water suddenly drips from the shower, one thing you could do is turn off the supply and inspect the fixture. If cracks can be seen, you must consider buying a new one.

Cracks in tiles

Sudden movement, like an earthquake, can cause cracks on tiles. If your bathroom floor is studded with tiles, better be careful as this material can be easily damaged. Damp patches coming out of the tile frame indicates a leak and this situation needed the expertise of plumbers.

Tip: Immediately call for professional assistance when damp patches can be seen in the bathroom. Sometimes, experts don’t need to extract tiles just to locate the leak. They use advanced technology to see the damage. Don’t hesitate to call an emergency plumber because they have the right tools for the job.

Here are the signs of leaking shower:

1. Missing grout in the shower – One of the obvious sign of a water problem is cracked or missing grout. This is visible, especially in the shower area.
2. Water stains – Stains on the tiles can be dirt and water stains. Consult with experts if there are stains all over the bathroom.

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