How to Keep Yourself Safe During a Concreting Job

Concreting Job

A major task that is done during a landscaping project is concreting. If you are inspecting the site with the workers, it is a good idea to keep yourself safe from harm.

The field of landscaping is getting bigger because of the contractors that are popping up out of nowhere and promoting their services. This means that there are more service providers which are inexperienced, and may cause some problems when they are onsite.

If you will be inspecting the property while the workers are taking care of your ideal landscape, it is for your own safety to protect yourself from any possible accidents.

Here are tips on how to keep yourself safe during a landscaping job:

  • Keep It Covered

As people are working on the site, there is a number of potential threats to everybody. When cement is being poured, the eyes and the head are the vital body parts which are prone to damage from any cement debris.

To keep your head and eyes covered, the standard operating procedure in any construction or home renovation site is “no helmet, no entry.” Reputable construction companies would supply all of their employees with hard hats to protect their skulls from any falling debris.

To protect the eyes, reliable landscaping firms would provide everyone with either safety glasses that have side shields or full-cover googles. Dry or powdered cement will be dangerous if some of it were to get in the eyes, and sight is difficult to get back once it is gone.

  • Protect the Skin

Prolonged exposure to cement can cause chemical burns, rashes on some body parts or skin irritation. To prevent these ailments from happening, everyone who is onsite must wear clothing with full sleeves (the landscaping company should provide that too).

As for the workers, it is a good idea to take a few breaks so that they can wash off excess cement after a concreting job. They should do this because exposing themselves often to cement will result in third-degree burns if they are not careful.

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