What are Interior Plantation Shutters?

Interior Plantation Shutters

Interior plantation shutters originated in Greece and were originally made from marble. The elite used them to keep harsh rays of the sun out. They then became widespread in Europe. Louis XIV made this window treatment popular in France. In time, they found their way to the American South.

In the American South, this type of window treatment was used by landowners. It was perfect for the hot weather. Because most homeowners with these blinds had large farms, they were called plantation shutters.

Unique Features

The main feature of this blind is the large slats. These allowed the air to freely move around the room. It can be opened to varying degrees. Furthermore, even if it’s closed entirely shut, it still lets some wind inside. This is why it’s perfect for hot, humid weather. Those in colder climates will need additional window insulation.


This window treatment can be made using three different materials. They are:

Vinyl – This material is the most cost-effective of the bunch. They can be supported by either PVC or aluminium. This provides some stability to the structure. Vinyl’s main advantage is its weather resistant properties. It does not get damaged by excessive moisture, making it a good option for those in humid or rainy areas.

Wood – Wood is the gold standard in window treatments. It adds a unique design to any room. It’s also the most durable if it’s maintained properly. This material is the most stable of all.

Composite – Composite mimics the look and feel of wooden treatments. They’re less costly than real wood. If they’re made correctly, they can last for a long time. Their PVC coating makes them highly resistant to moisture.

Interior plantation shutters are a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. They’re perfect for homeowners located in hot and humid environments. The unique design of this window treatment makes it favourite amongst decorators.

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