Why Installing a Carport Sail Can Save Lives?

Installing a Carport Sail

Keeping your car cool under a carport sail is recommended by doctors and other health professionals. During summer, temperatures can rise to dangerous levels that can cause damage not only to cars but also to the people riding on them. There are many reported cases in many parts of the world of small children and pets dying as they were left in hot cars. These tragic incidents alarm health officials of the dangers of cars being left exposed in the midday sun for hours.

A carport shade sail in your yard can protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the sun and the elements. It can also defend you from entering a hot car that can cause:

Heat stroke – Leaving a small child in a car unattended is very dangerous. Even if the car has excellent air-conditioning, the heat of a sun can still cause dehydration and heat stroke in tiny kids. Doctors advise parents to never leave small kids, especially toddlers.

Harmful chemicals – When heated, the upholstery inside your car can release toxic chemicals. Off-gassing of compounds from plastic, glue and flame retardant is already toxic at room temperature. This situation can worsen if these chemicals are released in hot places, like car interiors.

The danger of suffocation – Staying in the car in garages can be dangerous. Most of the time, there is not enough ventilation in enclosed garages. Even though there are working exhaust fans in the garage, (which is very rare), this is not enough to cut down the risk of oxygen-depletion and suffocation.

These conditions can be greatly reduced if you get a carport sail from Gold Coast. These shading installations can effectively cool down your vehicles by blocking the sunlight and thus lowering the temperature. A shade sail for vehicles can also act as an open-air parking lot in your house that reduces health risks such as inhaling dangerous chemicals and suffocation from garages.

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