How to Hire Professional Painters

Hire Professional Painters

Many people have the misconception that painting is an easy business. You can buy paint at any hardware store, along with some rollers and a brush. What most don’t realise is that the process is much more complicated than that. Without knowing the proper techniques, paint formulations and finishing procedures, it’s almost impossible to get a perfect coat of paint. This is why most people opt to hire professionals like those from Signature Painters to do the job correctly.


  • What’s the difference?

What separates professionals from newbies is the training and experience. Experts in the industry need to be trade-qualified before any type of contracting work. They know how to properly choose and mix paint formulations for the best results possible. They also know the best safety practices to ensure that their clients are safe. In fact, they even get training on how to handle structures with lead or asbestos!

  • What type of project are you planning?

If you’re thinking of hiring a professional, the first thing you should do is a plan. Indoor and outdoor paint jobs require very different skills, tools and materials. As such, the costs could vary as well. The type of structure you want to work on will also affect the overall project. Residential structures are fairly easy to obtain permits for. Commercial areas may need several more permits before work can begin.

The scale of your project should also be considered. Whilst it is possible to get one contractor to work on a small- to medium-sized room, things change when you need the interior of the whole structure done. You’ll need an even bigger team for outdoor jobs, as those require special equipment and operations.

  • How do you find a reliable contractor?

Once you have all the details, you should start looking at potential contractors. There are a handful of companies in every area. To ensure you’re getting the best service, make sure that the specialists are:

  • Are trade-qualified
  • Are members of Master Painters Australia
  • Are accredited
  • Have insurance against liabilities

The best companies will give you a guarantee or warranty on the job done – sometimes up to 8 years. If costs are something that concerns you, it would also help to find a company that offers flexible payment options

Signature Painters offer the best painting services all over Australia. Call them today now!

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