Five Basic Components of a Golf Course

Golf Course

What exactly is a golf course? It is an area of a land where golf is played. The golf course is comprising of a series, either 9 or 18 holes, each consisting of a teeing ground, a fairway, a green, the rough and often one or more natural or artificial hazards also known as golf links.

A lot of unexpected elements can affect a game such as a temperature, the precipitation and even the way a grass has been mowed. What only remains constant is the parts of the course. See

Every component may require a different strategy, clubs and the decision of the golfers that either make them win or lose the game. To help you choose the right club that suits your style of playing, below are the five basic components of a golf course:

  • Teeing ground

Most commonly known as the tee area or tee box, is a flat area, often on a mount, is where golfers play their first shot. Usually, each hole has one to four tee boxes that are identified by coloured markers. Each marker signifies a different from the holes you are playing from. Beginners prefer to use the one with the shortest yardage (red) whilst professional golfers prefer the tee area with the longest yardage (often green).

  • Fairways

Areas of short grass that extends from the tee area to the green. Straight paths make hitting the ball easier as compared to playing on fairways with more sharp turns also known as the doglegs that are meant to make the play more difficult.

  • Greens

Greens are often oval or kidney-shaped that holds the hole. Designing the greens properly is one of the biggest challenges for golf architects as every degree of slopes, a method of mowing or variety of grass can affect the game.

  • Rough

Often characterized by different lush vegetation, tall trees and long grass, the rough is the hardest to play from. It is the area that surrounds the tee area, the fairways and the greens.

  • Hazards

Hazards are the cause of dismay of every golfer. Common hazards include ponds, bowl-shaped pits or areas of plant growth.

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