Is Epoxy Flooring Right For You?

Epoxy Flooring

Concrete is one of the best flooring option available. It has been used by many residential, commercial and industrial structures for years. But to make sure its lifespan and beauty will last long, reinforcements have to made. One of such methods is the use of epoxy coating.

Epoxy flooring Melbourne has been frequently used in industrial and commercial buildings. It is made of resins and hardeners. This substance has been in use since the 1950s in aerospace facilities. Applying it on concrete gives the floor a protective layer. It can also cover the flaws of the floor and provide it with a shiny finish.

Is this flooring type right for your house? Here is a


list of its advantages and disadvantages:


Acts as a support layer to your floor. Epoxy has powerful adhesive properties, which make it an ideal protective coating with chemical and liquid resistance. It makes floors immune to cracks and crevices. Lastly, the material is non-flammable. These outstanding features make epoxy flooring popular to industrial and commercial settings.

Provide floors shiny and artistic appearance. This type of flooring provides a high-glossy finish.

Makes floor easy to clean. Floors with the epoxy coating are dirt- and dust-resistant, making them easy to clean.

Provides a variety of choice. Epoxy are also available in various styles and colours. Coating them on your floor can make a piece of art.

Longevity. Epoxy can make your concrete floors last longer.

Economical. While epoxy is costlier to install than other usual types, its protective properties, as well as its ability to enhance aesthetic boost to your floors, can make it a worthy investment for your home.


Requires routine maintenance. Despite its ability to shield concrete from damages, it needs to be maintained more often than other ordinary flooring materials.

Requires extensive preparation. Applying it is a tedious process. It requires a significant amount of effort just to prepare for the first coating. The concrete floor should be thoroughly clean, free from specks of dust. There should be no water, grease, oil or solvents on the floor during epoxy coating. Failure to make these necessary preparations may cause your epoxy coating to chip out.

Epoxy flooring provides excellent protection and flexibility to your floor. But installing this flooring type requires a lengthy process. You also need routine maintenance procedures to make sure it is in its top shape. Hiring a professional flooring installation service and maintenance experts can let you reap the enormous advantages of this flooring type while minimising its drawback.

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