Things To Know Before Doing Your Own Hair Colour

Doing Your Own Hair Colour

Once in a while, we get bored with our hair so we do haircut or colouring. Hairdressers are the best people to help us out with this but when we are so lazy to get out there and communicate, we experiment and do it on our own. If you’re planning to do a hair colour to yourself, here are the tips you should know:

Always buy extra box

This is the most common mistake if you are an amateur. You may think that one box is enough, but to run out of dye in the process, is going to be a big problem. To evenly distribute the colour, buy two to three boxes, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Just stock the supply if you don’t use it in the process.

Do strand test

hair-cutterIf you are going to shift to a completely different shade like blonde, try the strand test first. Do it in a trimmed hair or hidden pieces to find out if you really like it. If you are afraid to do it, why not visit a salon and ask hairdressers Brisbane for advice on what suits you best. Try Bounce Hair Body Beauty for top quality hair services like Haircut, Hair extensions and Hair colouring. They offer discounts and affordable package that you can enjoy. They also have experienced hairdressers that can perform new techniques to achieve your desired look. Not only that, Bounce Hair Body Beauty uses only top quality brands and products for their clients. Give them a look now.

Use right tools

Well actually, it depends on the packaging because some products already have complete tools for the procedure like gloves and brush. But if it doesn’t come with tools, then you should buy these for a better result. Moreover, these tools are also used for safety precautions. Remember that different chemicals have a different reaction to our skin. Therefore, utilised tools to avoid injuries.

Always start from the top

Our roots need the most colour so start applying the product from top to bottom. To evenly distribute it, use a comb.

Wear proper clothing

Most colouring products leave really hard to remove stain on clothes. That’s why you should consider wearing a tube top to avoid the hassle. Some people just wear their underwear while doing this in the bathroom. You can always be creative.

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