The Different Kinds Of Line Markings

Kinds Of Line Markings

There are different varieties of line marking or road markings. Each represents a different meaning, and they can be found on roads, pavements, car parks among others. This is usually to give a sign to the users, to give rules or to give direction.

There are different kinds of road markings and some of them include:

Lane line

This can be found on a dual carriage highway separating cars going in the same direction; the lines drawn are usually smaller with significant gaps separating them.

Stop lines

Unlike the lane line, the stop line is usually one straight line with no breaks often put at a junction, or at a roundabout. There is also the word stop just next to it.

Double white lines

Double white lines must not be passed. This means that if a car is driving along this line, it cannot overtake any other car.

yellow lines

Yellow lines

This kind of line marking marks the centre of a road used by cars going in opposite direction (two-way). If the yellow line is solid, it means that you cannot pass another vehicle, and if it is broken, it means that you can move.

Yellow zig zag lines

These are usually marked close or near to schools, hospitals or even fire stations. This usually gives the guidelines on whether one can park in this section or not.

Road traffic lane markings

These are often used to tell drivers of the road they are supposed to go next. If one is going to a particular town, the road traffic lane indicates to the road operator whether to continue on that lane or to slide left or right.

Box junctions

This is usually found on a roundabout. It tells the driver not to stop inside the yellow box; this is because it is used to keep traffic flowing each and every time. It is prohibited to be found inside the yellow box.

Red routes

These usually enforce loading and parking restrictions. They are red in colour, can either be single or double

Single yellow line

This type of line marking indicates to the driver that one is allowed to park from a certain time to a certain time.

Cycle lanes and boxes

This kind of line marking is used to inform cyclers of the lane they are supposed to use. To avoid accidents, the cycle lane and the motorist lane usually has a significant distance between them.

It is necessary to follow all these rules of the road to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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