Corporate Video Hacks You Should Know

Based on statistics, videos have the highest organic reach as compared to all other forms of media since 2015. It’s no wonder that more and more people are beginning to utilise it as a marketing tool. A corporate video on your website can make all the difference. In fact, statistics show that websites with videos on the landing page have more click-through-rates.

What makes a good corporate video? In theory, anyone can shoot something on a mobile phone and post it on a website. However, there are some tried and tested methods which separate a good marketing campaign from a bad one. Here are a few hacks you should know when it comes to marketing videos.

Utilise the AutoPlay feature

The hardest part about using clips in marketing is getting people to hit ‘play’. There used to be a time when marketers would struggle with coming up with the catchiest title and the most interesting copy in order to make this happen. Now, thanks to Facebook, we now have an AutoPlay feature that completely removes this from the equation.

You no longer have to worry about viewers scrolling past your video if it’s not titled like a clickbait link. Now, all you have to do is make the first 10 seconds of your video more interesting. This is easier to do in videos than in text because there’s an audio-visual component. It’s easier to catch your audience’s attention with videos.

Make your videos short and sweet

This is the digital age. Everything moves so fast that nobody has the time to sit through a 30-minute video about your company. Studies show that audiences gravitate towards clips that are 30 seconds to a minute long. This is the ideal length if you want to catch the audience’s attention, but you can go as high as 5 minutes. Any longer than that and you’ll lose their interest.

What this means is that you have to compress your message into a very small amount of time. You’ll need a team of professional videographers to ensure that the message is delivered concisely. If you’re looking for a reliable team that can help you have a corporate video to deliver your message, contact Wildebeest today.