Top 2 Wreck Dives in Coron

Wreck Dive

There are a lot of wreck dives in Coron. The municipality is located in Palawan, Philippines. It’s known for its rich coral reefs and marine life. This is why it’s become a popular tourist destination for divers everywhere. If you’re planning to visit the island, here are two diving spots you shouldn’t miss. But before you take a deep dive… Before visiting wrecks in the island, it’s important that you have the proper qualifications. Some areas are more advanced and require higher certification. It’s always best to go with experienced…

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Pros of Moving to Another City

Pros of Moving

Although moving to a new city can be risky and challenging, it can also be thrilling and a fun way to discover incredible opportunities. Here are the reasons why you should consult with Hervey Bay real estate agencies and relocate in this wonderful city: Feel Excited Everyday Do you remember the feeling when you tried something new? You will feel this way often when you move to a new place. Moving to a new city brings excitement into your life. This activity can also improve your character by putting you…

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Wonderful Places To Visit At Sunshine Coast

Wonderful Places To Visit

When you’re planning your next vacation, one place to keep in mind would be the Sunshine Coast. There are a lot of places to take the entire family to. When you get there, you must check out these places: Noosa Main Beach This place has everything you could ask for in a beach including restaurants, surfing shops, and beautiful sand. It’s the place to go to when you have foreign visitors. During summer, you can expect the place to be crowded though. However, it’s a beach that’s known to be…

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2 Japan Warships Docks In Subic For Goodwill Visit

2 Japan Warships Docks

Being a former US naval base, Subic seats in a strategic place for military operations and humanitarian efforts. It is no wonder that some naval fleets from the United States and other countries have visited here. Two of the latest fighting vessels to have set its anchor in Subic Bay was the Japanese helicopter carrier JS Izumo and its escort JS Sazanami, a guided missile destroyer. The two vessels docked last June 4 on Subic for a goodwill visit that lasted for four days, according to a Subic news. Among…

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Your Must Have Items When Travelling to Fiji

Items When Travelling to Fiji

Finally, after long years you can now enjoy a vacation. But before that, you must pack your things first. While packing sounds like a boring job, it is the most important thing to do when you’re heading up to somewhere. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to ruin your vacation mood because of one item that you forgot. To avoid this, you need to make sure your luggage is the last thing that stops you having a good vacation. If you’re planning a vacation to Fiji, these are the…

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Beach Resort for Sale Puerto Galera – A Wise Investment

Beach Resort for Sale

Those who are looking to invest the money they worked hard for would usually find themselves looking in the classified ads for a beach resort for sale Puerto Galera. This is such a wise move as Puerto Galera is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist spots in not only the Philippines but also the entire world. It is a bold claim but if you have been there then you know why. If you haven’t been to Puerto Galera, then you are missing out. Things to Consider There…

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