Botox, the Fountain of Youth


Botox, it is the commercial form of Botulinum toxin (BTX), which is a by-product of a bacterium Clostridium botulinum. There are seven types of Botulinum toxin (BTX), which are named by letters A to G. Types A and B are used commercially and medically, though they can cause diseases. Types E and F can also disease in humans, while types C, D and G can cause disease in animals. Types A and B are medically used for treating muscle spasms and overactive muscle diseases.

Botox is popular with the celebrities and even to people who wants to look younger. It is the go to treatment for wrinkles. It is the number one choice to achieve a younger looking skin. Try it here.

Why is Botox popular?

• It is inexpensive, unlike what most people think.

You are charged per area when undergoing this procedure. A procedure involving one area will cost about $250 to $260. A procedure involving two areas will cost from $320 to $330. And a procedure involving three areas, or your whole face will cost from $450 to $460.

• You can have it done during your lunch hour.

That is how quick the procedure is done. The injection of anti-wrinkles in one area usually takes about 15 minutes. It is quicker than you are going over your Facebook feed.

• Symptoms are not severe as they look.

When going through the procedure, you won’t need any anaesthetic. Even after it is done, it won’t feel painful, though some bruising will occur.

• You can see and feel the results after just a couple of days.

The result of the procedure will be visible from just a day or two. And after that, you can start feeling and looking younger.

• It lasts for at least 4 months.

You only need to undergo the procedure for 3 times a year. And with its cheap price, you can easily do that.

• It hides away your frown lines.

Though the procedure won’t totally hid away the wrinkles that are naturally because of age, it will however, hide away your frown lines and smile lines.

• It makes your eyes look younger.

Your eyes are full of your laughter lines, and they are the ones that usually look older first. Undergoing on this procedure reduces the lines surrounding your eyes, thus making it look younger.

Here are a couple of celebrities that had Botox:

Jennifer Lopez– this 47 year old lady from the Bronx had her lip area done.
Sofia Vergara– this 44 year old Colombian- American model turned actress had her cheeks done.
George Clooney– this 55 year old American actor, who is still the fantasy of a lot of women, had his eyes done.
Amy Poehler– this 45 year old American comedian and voice actress, the best buddy of Tina Fey, had her whole face done.
Ryan Seacrest– this 42 year old American host and producer, had his smile and frown lines hidden away.

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