7 Ways to Attract Customers on Your Opening Day

Ways to Attract Customers

Whether your business is big or small, you need to put all your effort to make it work. And the process starts on your opening day, but how could you do this if you don’t know any strategies? Here are the seven steps to get you started.

Local Advertising

Local businesses need a targeted marketing strategy to drive sales and increase brand awareness. This can be accomplished through, giving away fliers, advertising to the local radio station, talking to a newspaper company or even going online.

Go Social

When you have a presence on social media, you can easily update and connect with your potential customers. Moreover, you will reach a wider audience once the users see your presence on multiple networks.


Foods represent hospitality. If you want to make a connection to your clients, don’t forget to put meals and beverages. Finger foods like fries, chips, and nachos will do especially if you are tight on budget.

Promotional Products

A goal for the business is to make your company stand out from competition. One way is to give promotional products. It could be branded promotional pens and giveaways, mugs or tote bags. Just remember to put your logo and company’s number. For more ideas, you can visit Coastal Direct Promotional Products.

Invite Celebrities

Attract the attention of the public by inviting celebrities or local VIPs. These people can greatly influence consumers as people have the attitude that “If the products work for her, it is surely good enough for me.”

Offer Discounts

Anytime you tell someone she can save money will surely catch her attention. That’s why it’s important to offer discounts, especially on your first day. Also, giving discounts will enhance the reputation of your company especially to those who are financially challenged.

Start a Contest

Contest are a tried and tested method for growing business. You can start with the number of likes on your Facebook page or generate photo or video contest. This will give you a brand recognition that will eventually turn into higher sales.

Start with good business strategies for your business. Get a high sale on your first day.

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