3 Jumping Castle Safety Tips

Jumping Castle

When you are planning a kid’s party, it would be a great idea to have a jumping castle, so your children will have lots of fun. Of course, you must also prioritise their safety. After all, they’ll be moving a lot so there’s a possibility they’ll injure themselves. Here are some safety tips that should always be implemented:

No Wrestling

When your kids are avid wrestling fans, you can expect them to imitate what their favourite wrestlers do. However, they don’t know wrestling is fake and professional wrestlers trained for several years before being allowed to step foot in the ring. Therefore, they could hurt somebody or themselves if they try to imitate their favourite wrestler’s moves. It would be best to tell them to stop once you notice they’re trying to wrestle other kids.

Similar Size Users Only

It won’t be safe to allow kids of different sizes to enter the jumping castle at the same time. If that happens, the small kids may get harmed. The best thing to do would be to give the kids time slots. For example, you can allow kids aged 5-8 to enter at one point and the ones aged 9-12 to enter an hour later.

Adult Supervision

To make sure your kids won’t go places they shouldn’t be allowed to go, an adult should be watching them all the time. If they look tired, the adult shouldn’t hesitate in pulling them out of the jumping castle. You wouldn’t want to risk them lying around as there’s a possibility they’ll get injured by other highly energetic kids.

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