3 Beauty Hacks Your Makeup Artist Wants You to Know

Makeup Artist Wants You to Know

2018 is all about skincare and beauty. This year, people want to see more of what’s natural. In fact, glass skin has become all the rage these days, with many Westerners trying to cop that Asian glow. With a professional makeup artist to your rescue, you can certainly achieve this look.

Makeup Artist

Here are some beauty hacks for you to do:

Hydration is Key

Aside from chugging huge amounts of water, hydrating your face can do wonders for your skin. In many ways, this is the first step to achieve that coveted porcelain skin. What you should do is take an ample amount of moisturiser and pat it on to let your face absorb all the nutrients. Bid dry and flaky skin goodbye with this wonderful addition to your regimen.

Exfoliate Your Way to a Smoother Base

To achieve that smooth and flawless base, try to exfoliate regularly. This helps remove the dead skin cells lurking within. As you know, the main enemy of dull complexion and clogged pores are these dead skin and oil sitting on your face. Without these, you can pull off a healthy natural glow.

Use a Cushion for Your Base

A cushion foundation is a trend that has been known to be started by Koreans. Indeed, their love for skincare and beauty has made revolutionary changes around the world. Opt for this lightweight foundation, especially during the hot summer months. This way, you can still get natural coverage whilst making your makeup remain melt-free. A light but natural coverage will help you cheat your way to getting the glow you need.

If you want to hire a professional makeup artist, make sure to find one who is generous with her time, patience and skills. Chelsea Brown is Australia’s best makeup artist. With her expertise, you are on your way to looking your best.

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